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Dale A. Morgan - Natural Science Art and Illustration

Most people would refer to me as an “outdoorsy” person. For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated and amazed by the natural world. My love of plants, animals and all things natural began at an early age while playing with my twin sister and the family dog in my mother’s flower gardens.

As a young adult, yearning to see the great natural wonders of the United States, I was fortunate enough to be able to spend a year living in a converted “67 Chevrolet school bus with my boyfriend and our dog. We explored our National Parks from Acadia on Mount Desert Island in Maine to Yellowstone in Wyoming and many others along the way.

Nature, in all its marvelous forms is my greatest inspiration. From the towering Teton Mountains to the tidal pools of the Maine coast I am in constant awe of the color, shapes and compositions in which nature cloaks its self.

My greatest desire as an artist is to bring that same sense of wonder and joy of nature to people who may not have the time to experience it first hand or have forgotten how to really look at the world around us.

Currently, I am living in a bucolic region of North Carolina along with my shepherd, Natasha, my husband and my old traveling companion, the '67 school bus.
Dale is a member of The Guild of Natural Science Illustrators. Her work can be seen in The Chapel Hill News pet page.

Contact Dale Morgan at dale@ferncreekillustrations.com

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